Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy 6 month Birthday Elijah!

Wow!  Just wow!  Six months we have had with this precious little one!

Elijah is growing and giggling!  Things are starting to calm down a bit, with dr. visits only occasionally now.  Sweet baby has physical therapy twice a week and occupational therapy once a week.  We have been through a few speech therapists, still trying to find the one that will work for him.  The restrictions against him taking any food because of the pneumonia in November caused sweet baby to loose all his oral motor skills.  Where as he was taking some from a bottle at every feeding, he still will  not take anything.  It seems he has forgot how to suck.  But, he will eat a jar of baby food usually once a day.  That is, when he isn't blowing it out with raspberries!  Such a cutie! His favorites are apple and pears and yogurt.  Peas?  Not so much. We are working on muscle strength in his neck and core and he loves to be sat up on the couch.  He also likes in his tumbleform chair at the table when we are playing board games or having dinner.  Elijah is quite the vocal baby and his highest scores at his last developmental assessment were for social skills. He definitely likes talking, and he gets pretty loud sometimes!  Health-wise he seems to be doing very well and we have a couple of specialist visits coming up soon as follow-ups from his time in NICU.  Sweet baby still has reflux pretty nastily, but he continues to grow and gain weight, over 17 lbs. now, so we are hoping it is something he grows out of soon.  In His goodness and mercy, God has blessed us mightily in and through this little boy.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014