Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stuck...and A Moose

Coming home from a short shopping trip with 2 littles today, I slid into a snow bank at the front of our private road leading to the house.  There was no way I was getting out of that without some serious shoveling.  (Did I mention we received over a foot of snow in the past 24 hours?)  Get the children out of the car and start walking to the house.  Turn corner and see moose staring me down as he is between me and the house.  Walk slowly back to car and get in.  Call the Ram on the phone and tell him to bring me a shovel.  Finally, the moose decided the stare down with him was getting boring.  So he walked up the front steps, then went and sat down by the windows and watched tv with the children.  There is a rumor going around that Alaska is closer to Heaven than the lower 48 and I guess he wanted to hear it from Todd himself on Wretched!  In the mean time, the guy who is supposed to plow our road shows up, pulls the car out, consequently getting himself stuck.  Needless to say, our road remains unplowed.  And I think the moose wants some popcorn.

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