Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Parenting is An Act of Worship

I love my children.  I love being around them.  I enjoy our time spent together.  However, I don't always act that way.  I get tired, and cranky.  Real cranky.  Especially past 10:00 pm.  But even though I am tired, I must persevere in showing them the love and grace of God.  My goals in parenting are 1) making sure they know Jesus and 2) everything else.  As long as they know The Truth, He will equip them for their mission.  I have to remember that these, my brothers and sisters, are gifts.  They do not belong to me.  They are His.  As the time is quickly drawing near, I know they will not be in my home much longer.  Our goal as parents is to hone these arrows and prepare them to be sent out to places we will never see and engage in battles that we cannot imagine.  I continue to be humbled that God would entrust these souls into my care, this broken vessel.  How I parent them is form of worship.  How I interact with them, how I speak with them, how I guide their time, is all a form of worship to their Creator, and mine.  If I holler at them to make them listen, if I am harsh and brash, that is not God honoring.  I pray for a meek and quiet spirit as I humbly walk before God in this mission.  For, my ulitmate goal in parenting is to glorify God.

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