Friday, December 16, 2011

Searching for a Gift for a Twentieth Anniversary?

Are you a loving, yet befuddled, husband looking for the perfect gift for your wife for your twentieth anniversary?  The traditional gift for the twentieth is china.  What if YOUR WIFE DOES NOT LIKE CHINESE FOOD?  Easy peasy.  Take her out to eat at a great seafood restaurant.  They will serve the delicious fish, shrimp and crab on china.  Besides, you love seafood, too, right?  Then, so it seems like you are really appreciative of her, present her with a gift certificate for books.  Be creative.  You could give her a booklet with certificates for a book of her choice every month for a year.   Or if you are feeling really generous, a book a week!  Use your pen that was made in China to write them up. You are covered and you will be the man!

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Ronnie said...

Tonight, stop and take a really good look at your spouse. Next, look at each of your children. Look really, really long and hard. Take a moment and thank God for every whisper of a moment that God has given you with them. Thank God for the little kisses offered, the stories told, the tickles dispensed, the games played, the readings shared, the silent moments cherished, the victories experienced, the losses endured, the kind words presented , the songs sung, the glances exchanged. These moments not only count for eternity, but they will be remembered for the next billion years after you leave this minuscule moment in time called “life.” Every moment with your loved one matters. Someday they or you will be gone. Every conversation matters. Every kind deed in the name of Christ matters. It all matters.

Truly God-inspired Wisdom, thank you Doug.