Friday, October 21, 2011

I Never, Ever Want to Drive that Road Again

 When we left Haines, AK, it was lovely fall weather and beautiful colors.  Within an hour, it looked liked this.  And we had to drive through it for 2 days.  Never, ever do I want to do that again!  We finally got sun on day 3.  Thanks to God for protection and safe travels!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Another Road Trip Mishap

We stopped by REI before heading to the hotel to call it a night.  Several children and The Ram went looking at sleeping bags and other things.  I decided to sit close to the front door in some comfy camping chairs because the little one was tired.  No sooner than we had sat down, he began spewing a copious amount of stomach contents all down the front of my shirt.  I stood him up and let him finish in my skirt (another reason long skirts are handy).  An older daughter was there beside me to carry him out while I managed to wobble out holding all contents in my skirt. (I am sure the gentleman that held the door for us was ready to get out of there, but I must say that it took some talent to balance all that while remaining modest!)  Before getting into the car, I had the daughter hold up my jacket behind me so I could remove my shirt, afterwards, putting my jacket back on.  I then slipped off the skirt and into the car and she handed me the little one and went to throw my clothes away.  As she was getting in the car, she nonchalantly said, "You did notice that security camera pointing at you, right?  I was wondering why you turned right to it to take off your clothes."  Lovely.  If you see the video on YouTube, please, for your own good, look away!

Garden of the gods

Thursday, October 6, 2011