Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We bought a new cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, and have been trying several recipes.  This is our version of homemade mayonaise.  It is yellow from the fresh eggs and the olive oil.  We also added a tad of raw cane sugar, just because.  The chicken stock is simmering on the stove and smells delicious.  Hoping to try at least 5 new recipes a week and will post updates on how they turn out.  From our Country Beans new cookbook, we tried grinding our beans into flour and adding hot water to make quick refried beans.  Not so good.  A few commented that it tasted like bean foam.  No, not so yummy.  But, we persist!  With only one goat out of eight producing right now, we only get about about 3/4 gallon of milk a day.  Not enough to make very much cheese yet, as we use most of it for kefir and yougart.  Just imagine the milk in Spring next year!  We did receive some very nice chicks from Aspen so we are hoping to have some nice layers in a few months. 

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