Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Mail Day

  1. We won 'How to Know God Exists' from On the Box by Living Waters.  They are fun to watch and help with our evangelism.  On the Box is on Monday-Friday at 1:30 pm.
  2. The Trinity Hymnal will be used for family worship.  We have lots of hymnals, but this one is awesome and includes a partial psalter.  Next I would like to get more copies of The book of Psalms for Singing as one book between 8 people is kinda scrunchy!
  3.  The Christian Classics Study Guide comes from Generations with Vision and you can listen to Kevin Swanson there daily also.  It covers Augustine, Patrick, John Paton, Bunyan, and Knox.  I think we will start with Augustine.
  4.  'The Long Walk' is a awesome tale that some of us have read, but the library wanted it's copy back!  In 1941, Slavomir Rawicz (sentenced as a spy) and six fellow prisoners escaped a Soviet labor camp in Yakutsk — a camp where enduring hunger, cold, untended wounds, untreated illnesses, and avoiding daily executions were everyday feats. To reach safety meant more than a 4,000-mile trek on foot out of Siberia and through China, the Gobi desert, Tibet, and over the Himalayas. With nothing but an ax, a knife, and a week’s worth of food, they risked everything to gain their freedom .

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