Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some Funny Things I Heard This Week

"This is better than Rhode Island!" after tasting a homemade dressing that a sister had made. (I think you mean THOUSAND Island.)

"Quit eating worms! I don't care if your sister gives you a dime for each one." those words actually came out of my mouth?!

"Those are NOT pretty pictures!" when asked if The Boy would like to see some pics of how lactation occurs since he had asked about it.

"After a guy marries you, AFTER he marries you, I am going to tell him all about you. " a brother to his sister after an altercation.

"Who bought the chicken-flavored ham?" after looking at a package of deli meat, we had only bought ham for over a year.

"Oh, we were excited because we thought the preacher was coming. But it was only his wife." The best one this week!

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heatherloub said...

Love the worm comment! Ever since reading and watching the movie "How to Fried Worms" Aleq wants to try them. We were in the grocery store one day during school hours of course, lol. Me loudly telling Ashlie "you are not eating more worms, that is enough". Of course they were the gummy ones, but with all the looks we got, I thought someone was going to call CPS. Love it!