Thursday, June 17, 2010

God is Your Father

She was listening to her daughter and her friend Agnes at the table. Agnes, "I wish your mom was my mom." The mother felt sad for a moment and then kinda liked the idea that another child thought she was a good mom. Then she heard her own child say, "I wish YOUR mom was MY mom." So much for the warm fuzzies.

A little later in the conversation, Agnes asks, "Do you know who my dad is?" This precious girl truly did not know. "I know it isn't Bob, (the man her mother is living with), maybe it is Bruce (a man she calls her uncle). Do you know who it is?" "No." Agnes responds, "I will go ask your mom." At which point the child asks her friend's mother, "Do you know who my dad is?"

What do you say to that? A simple "no" just seemed so insuffcient. A "go ask your mom" didn't seem appropriate either. She heard herself answer the child, "God is your Father." The child paused, then a smile lit up her face as she skipped out to play. "Yes, God is my Father!"

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