Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Which I Make My Children Cry

A few years back, the Lord was impressing upon me that I needed to be more modest and feminine in the way I dressed. I was a shorts and t-shirts kinda gal. I will never forget the first time I wore a skirt to our homeschool co-op. All I had was a black skirt, and the only top I had that was not a t-shirt was an orange shirt. I felt kinda "halloweeny" but I knew that I needed to dress more like a lady and this was a start. Sweet Mrs. H came upto me and asked me what was going on, as she had never seen me in a skirt and didn't even realize that I owned one. Well, since that time, I have exclusively worn skirts or dresses. Well, besides my "Missourian" (insulated coveralls) that I wore in the winter to milk the cow. Last Saturday the thrift store was having a sale: all you can fit in a bag for a dollar. The girls found a few things they wanted and I found a couple of pair of jeans that I was going to try and transform into skirts (update on that later). Well, we were getting ready to go shopping yesterday and I thought I would pull a funny. I put on a pair of jeans and came out like I was ready to go. The reactions ranged from laughter to astonishment to tears. Yes, one of the children thought it was hilarious and wanted me to wear them out. The Ram and some other children thought I had lost my mind and insisted I go change. And the little princess was brought to tears at the thought that her mother would wear pants. The words that came from the 5 year old actually had a familiar ring to them as she told me through the tears, "You are not going out in public like that. Go change your clothes!" Needless to say, the jeans are on the shelf awaiting transformation.

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