Monday, January 4, 2010

Jesus Does Not Have a Birthday

Surprised? You shouldn't be. If you look, He is mentioned all throughout the Old Testament. He was at creation. Revelation tells us that He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He always was and always will be. It irritates bugs me when people say "Happy Birthday, Jesus." As humans, we have a definite beginning, thus I can understand the celebration of birthdays. However, Almighty God had no beginning, no birthday. Now, if you want to celebrate Incarnation Day, have a blast. After all, he became incarnate {to clothe with flesh; to embody in flesh}. I grew up thinking "Happy Birthday Jesus." Yes, I went to a Christian school and church some Sundays. But not until later did I realize that it is NOT His birthday, as He was already here. Now as my friend Dr. Charles Massegee says, "I may be like a blind pig with an acorn here, but listen to what I am telling you." Jesus does not have a beginning, He was and is and is to come. Yes, He was born of a virgin, but He has much more than a birthday: He became incarnate. Celebrate that with zeal!

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