Friday, December 4, 2009


I love the mexican people. When we were down there in March, I really appreciated the beauty in the women's long, black hair, even amongst the small villages. Long, black and shiny. Mine is dull and brown, and tends toward the frizzy. Well, I saw in the store a small bottle promising shiny, sleek hair. I decided to try it. Brown shiny hair would be lovely, healthy and radiant, right? I used some on Wednesday before church and let my hair dry naturally. It controlled some of the frizz. The bottle said for 'best results' blow dry. We had a funeral to attend this morning so for time's sake, and 'maximum results' on the shine factor, I used the blow dryer. Did you know that gray FAR outshines brown? I was shinier than the silver bells that are out this time of year. I pray that Jesus shines in me far more than my hair color.

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