Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thoughts on Mexico

We left for Texas on Monday and visited with Grandma and Grandpa. We headed to Santa Fe and were blessed to have the Ram bringing the Bible Study Wednesday evening at church. Thursday was a prep day for Mexico. We are thankful for Hermano Benito and Hermana Rosa for sharing their casa with us. We left for Mexico Friday morning around 4:00 am. By the time we got to the border crossing around noon, I was having contractions and praying they were just Braxton Hicks. The first border crossing took the longest, as they would not permit the trailer we were pulling. We stopped and unloaded most everything that was in the trailer into the already packed van with us. The Fronteria border crossing was not a problem as we basically sailed past. We got into Ciudad Mante around 9:00 pm and I was looking forward to the hotel as my feet and ankles were swollen and contractions were not comfortable. There are very few stop lights in Mexico and traffic seems to be semi-controlled with speed bumps, lots of speed bumps. Lots! However, we went to a family's casa for an excellent dinner. Excellente! The children played ball you would never know that there was a language barrier. By the time we got to the hotel, everyone was ready for sleep.

Up Saturday morning bright and early on our way to Limonal. It was about a 3 hour drive over some of the most scenic mountain ranges and valleys we had seen. Again, the roads were bumpy, but thankfully some of my swelling had gone down and the contractions had stopped. We stopped and visited a couple of missions along the way and were blessed by the people and the Spirit of God was evident. Services were held Saturday evening under the trees and afterwards we had a dinner of tamales and pan dulce (sweet breads) at Hermona Ava's. They insisted that we stay with them instead of going to a hotel. These people take hospitality seriously as we found out later that some slept in their car so that we could have their room. Talk about humbling!

Sunday morning was another delicious meal and a few of us took a walk around town. Sunday was service at Limonal from about 10 am to 3pm then back to Hermana Ava's for lunch of chicken mole. YUM! After visiting for awhile, we headed back to Mante. Again, I was thinking of an early night in the hotel resting. Silly me! We went back to Hermano Goya's, services at Monte Horeb, then back to Hermano Goya's before going to the hotel. The Mexican children were always so excited to see us, running up to the van as soon as they saw it bouncing down the dusty road.

Monday morning saw us departing Mante for Santa Fe, and no problems with any border crossings. The border crossings really surprised me. We were never asked to get out of the van, they did not search any suitcases, they did not even open the doors. We shopped some at the market in Progresso, but it was expensive. Hermana Rosa bought Lily a precious tea set and Hermano Udiel bought each of the girls a beautiful bracelet.

Up in the mornings around 6am, to bed somewhere past 11pm, and we loved it! We were exhausted when we got back to MO, but excited about the work in Mexico and ready to go again at a moment's notice! Some of us cried upon leaving Limonal, as they definately made an impact on our lives. Even looking at the pictures makes some of us tear up still.

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