Thursday, April 30, 2009

Submission...As Unto the Lord

Submission. I know, it's not a popular term. I mean, who really wants to give up their wants desires so someone else can have their way? But our goal should not be to live as we see as right, but to see how God would have us live. Scripture tells us in Ephesians 5:22:

Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.

We are submitting to God by submitting to our husbands. Let me rephrase that, by not submitting to our husbands' authority that God has placed over us, we are being disobedient to God. By not submitting to your husband, you are in sin. OUCH!

But I hear you saying, "But what if he wants Burger King and I want Shrimp Fried Rice, after all, I am the one 35 weeks pregnant." Okay, maybe that was my voice, not yours. You are probably not as rebellious as me. But you get the idea, it is still sin. If you husband asks you to do something, you do it, as unto the Lord. Would you gripe and complain if God asked you to do something? He put your husband in authority over you. Now, clearly, if your husband asks you to sin, you obey God and not man, but we are talking about non-sin issues here.

Here are a few questions from Doorposts' publication As Unto the Lord that you may want to ask yourself today:
  • Did I submit to God and His plan for me by humbly respecting and submitting to my dear husband (dh)?
  • Can I, without shame, give an account to God for every word I have spoken to my dh?
  • Is God pleased with the way I have treated my dh? Have I shown Godly love, patience, and forgiveness?
  • Have I earnestly prayed for my dh today?
  • Have I shown proper gratitude to God and to my dh for the headship that has been provided for me?
  • Am I aware of my dh's good qualities?
  • Have I chosen to cheerfully obey my dh's commands today? Have I openly rebelled against his authority?
  • Am I being loyal to my dh and his leadership? Have I treated him with pride or scorn?
  • Have I supported and built up my dh as the leader of our home?
  • Can my dh delight and be proud of my attitudes and actions?
  • Have I been negligent, lazy, or resistant in fulfilling my duties toward my dh?
  • Have I been discontent or angry today under the God-ordained headship of my dh?

How far do you go in your submission? What if it makes you uncomfortable? What if it leads to physical harm or even death? Who is responsible? God's Word clearly indicates that He puts the husband in the position of authority. Your dh will have to answer to God for his actions, just as you will have to answer to God for your actions. Were you submissive, as unto the Lord, even unto death, as Christ was submissive unto the Father, even unto death?

Lest you think otherwise, this is an issue I struggle with as a Christian wife. Die to self? For Christ, okay, I am fine with that. But for my dh? What about equal rights? Remember, Adam was created first, then Eve, to be his helper.

Conviction is painful, but I thank God that He continues to mold me to be more like His Son.

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Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord that I don't do Burger King! We ARE in agreement on Texas Road House, however. My wife and I need to learn to submit to each other a little better and this is a great reminder, especially for me to be less, ah...selfish.