Monday, April 6, 2009

A Secret

While in Texas, we stayed at Granny's one night (yummy Mary Lee's ham and cheese croissants!) She took us to our new favorite thrift store, Value Village. Now, I usually don't give away such secrets, but this place is great for clothing and there are several locations around Houston. The best part is they put out a coupon for 1/2 off your entire purchase. I think Granny got hers out of the Chronicle, and they are good for 2 weeks. I love thrift store clothing for several reasons: 1) the clothes are pre-shrunk (although we do find alot with the tags still on); 2) there is a much better selection than a department store; 3) you get quality clothing at a fraction of the price; 4) I don't feel so bad when clothes get ruined or outgrown so quickly because I didn't pay top dollar (going shopping with Granny, we don't pay anything, thanks Granny!). Last trip, we even got a Spanish hymnal for $0.50. We couldn't find one of the lambs sandals and she really needed some for Mexico, so I ended up at Target and they were $15. That is outrageous to me for a pair of sandals in a children's size 11! Besides, saving money on clothing leaves some cash for my book addiction. Speaking of such, I am searching for one with good Mexican bread recipes...

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Anonymous said...

Wow I didnt mean a novel...Hee Hee
but I am glad you enjoyed the trip. Cant wait for yall to come through again. Im on the lookout for another coupon!!!
Love yall