Tuesday, March 3, 2009

God's Math

God multiplies blessings. We were at the Spanish Church one Sunday, and they gave us a basket of food. The next week The Ram gave a special offering to bless a family in need. We had no idea who it was to be, they envelope was just quietly handed to the greeter when we came in with a note he had written in Spanish. During one part of the service, they brought out the envelope, talked a little (remember, no Spanish here) and then several people came forward and laid money down. The Lord multiplied our paltry offering 20 times. WOW! There was a family that needed money as they had a child in the hospital and paperwork trouble.

When at a restaurant about a week later, a gentleman held the door for us. You could tell he had been on the streets for a little while. The Ram asked how he was, he was hungry and was going to see if the restaurant would give him something to eat. The Ram went back in with him and the manager was going to give him a taco. The Ram gave the manager some cash and said, “Please feed him a meal.” That was it. Next day we get a check for over 100 times the amount of the meal. You cannot outgive God!

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