Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I thought a guitar would travel easier than a keyboard, and since I already know some chords, decided to get the guitar down and practice a bit. HA HA HA. It is now back in it's cozy spot at the top of our closet while I continue practicing the keyboard. It's still chilly out there with windchill in the single digits. We are enjoying listening to some Spanish praise and worship cds we bought yesterday. Hopefully, some of the language will sink in! It's so much different from looking at it on paper and hearing it spoken. Why is it that everyone who speaks a different language seems to talk so fast?! The lambs are out in the barn going though boxes that still have not been unpacked since we moved up here. It's like Christmas for them. Ok, why is it that a lamb can read a recipe, gather the ingredients, bake a batch of fortune cookies, but when it comes to cleaning up the mess, suddenly pleads total ignorance? I hope you are all warm and cozy on this winter day! Of course, for some of my southern friends, I know the ACs are going and you are hoping to stay cool!

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