Monday, February 2, 2009

Mission Preparation

To begin preparing ourselves for mission, we decided to check out a Spanish church. We were just planning on driving to see when they met, but the pastor was outside and the service was just about to begin. Of course we joined them and they even asked The Ram to come forward and speak. The pastor translated as it was all in Spanish. The service was 3 hours, even though it did not seem like so much time had passed. It was quite a new experience but we really enjoyed it and are looking forward to Mexico even more. They were very welcoming and even had a time in the service for everyone, all 200 of them, to greet the visitors, and shake hands.

It reminded me of being a Christian and how others should see us. We did not understand what was being said, nothing, nada, zilch. (Well, The Ram understood maybe a few words as he had college Spanish, but the Greek I am studying did not help at all!) Anyways, you could tell that these people loved the Lord and wanted to praise Him. They were joyful in their songs and in their worship, even though we did not understand what they were saying, we wanted to! As Christians, we should have something that draws the outside world to us. We should have a joy that others seek to find. We should shine forth a light that draws others not to ourselves, but to Our Source of True Light. If we do not, can we really call ourselves Christians? If we live our day-to-day lives just as the world, and nothing distinguishes us from them, of what substance is our faith and confession?

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