Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby's First Gift

My good friend Lynda made this beautiful blanket for the upcoming new lamb. Her Captain did not really want in the pic, but we got him anyways. The blanket is absolutely gorgeous and I feel really guilty taking such a work of love and time. I thank God for loving friends who really stick by you and are an encouragement!

Texas in February

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Shots

Snow friends!

Sarah and Aaron

Rebecca and Caleb
Sledding fun!
We love Blue Bell ice cream! Conspiracy, I believe. Guilty, or just cute?

Happy Birthday Lily!

With Grandma's homemade strawberry cake. YUM!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dancing Before the Lord

2 Samuel 6:14 And David danced before the Lord will all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.

You know the story about David dancing before the ark. He is joyful and celebrating the Lord.
Yesterday we attended Iglesia again. After 4+ hours of service, along with a previous 6 hours, I still have no idea what they are saying. But I do know this. They are joyful. They are excited to be in the house of the Lord and they show it. This one gentlemen, I will call him David, was especially joyful. He was dancing. I mean, from his heart, with all his might, and for his Lord. He was not the only one, but the one that stuck out in my mind. There were alot of people and most everyone was standing, so I did not see him the entire time, but when the music was over, he was a glorious site. He was literally dripping with sweat and glowing with gladness. He came into the temple dressed very nice. By the time his celebrating had subsided, his royal purple shirt was soaked with sweat, his well-groomed hair was tussled, and his face, although red with exaustion and shiny with perspiration, was emmitting the Light of His Joy. How many of us are that excited to be in the house of the Lord on His day? I thank God for both Davids and their inspiration!

Clean Restrooms

We have had the privilege to travel a bit over the past few years with the lambs. With a flock, there are plenty of pit stops along the way. Some restrooms are very nice, others are, uh, not. One of the lambs was taking an extraordinarily long time in this one restroom. We finally sent an older sibling in to check. The sibling emerges laughing. The lamb in question appears and we ask what took so long. The reply? "The sign said 'Clean Restrooms' so I did." No kidding. Please go scrub your hands.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I thought a guitar would travel easier than a keyboard, and since I already know some chords, decided to get the guitar down and practice a bit. HA HA HA. It is now back in it's cozy spot at the top of our closet while I continue practicing the keyboard. It's still chilly out there with windchill in the single digits. We are enjoying listening to some Spanish praise and worship cds we bought yesterday. Hopefully, some of the language will sink in! It's so much different from looking at it on paper and hearing it spoken. Why is it that everyone who speaks a different language seems to talk so fast?! The lambs are out in the barn going though boxes that still have not been unpacked since we moved up here. It's like Christmas for them. Ok, why is it that a lamb can read a recipe, gather the ingredients, bake a batch of fortune cookies, but when it comes to cleaning up the mess, suddenly pleads total ignorance? I hope you are all warm and cozy on this winter day! Of course, for some of my southern friends, I know the ACs are going and you are hoping to stay cool!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mission Preparation

To begin preparing ourselves for mission, we decided to check out a Spanish church. We were just planning on driving to see when they met, but the pastor was outside and the service was just about to begin. Of course we joined them and they even asked The Ram to come forward and speak. The pastor translated as it was all in Spanish. The service was 3 hours, even though it did not seem like so much time had passed. It was quite a new experience but we really enjoyed it and are looking forward to Mexico even more. They were very welcoming and even had a time in the service for everyone, all 200 of them, to greet the visitors, and shake hands.

It reminded me of being a Christian and how others should see us. We did not understand what was being said, nothing, nada, zilch. (Well, The Ram understood maybe a few words as he had college Spanish, but the Greek I am studying did not help at all!) Anyways, you could tell that these people loved the Lord and wanted to praise Him. They were joyful in their songs and in their worship, even though we did not understand what they were saying, we wanted to! As Christians, we should have something that draws the outside world to us. We should have a joy that others seek to find. We should shine forth a light that draws others not to ourselves, but to Our Source of True Light. If we do not, can we really call ourselves Christians? If we live our day-to-day lives just as the world, and nothing distinguishes us from them, of what substance is our faith and confession?