Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Pregnancy changes you, not just the obvious bigger belly, thicker hair, larger feet (what, your feet didn't grow?). This being the 8th pregnancy, you would think the little changes wouldn't surprise me. But here's a whopper, I do not like chocolate anymore. Really. Seriously. Don't like the taste, smell, texture, you name it. But lime shakes, yum. No ice cream either, not appealing at all. And my all favorite tamales, nah, not right now, maybe later. Today, it was time to learn something. We have been reading hours and hours a day as it is cold and snowy outside. Just had to learn something new today, so I started on Greek. I know, should be studying Spanish, but I already have the Greek curriculum that was going unused! Now that Rosetta Stone Spanish curriculum would be nice to have!

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