Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe tomorrow?

Tomorrow we are finally supposed to get above freezing. There is plenty of white stuff on the ground that keeps us home bound as there are several inches of ice and snow on the roads. A couple of neighbors have had to be pulled out of ditches. No thanks, I'll stay put! I don't think we could even get out of the driveway if we wanted to. It's toasty inside and thankfully we have indoor plumbing once again. That is a luxury that is very hard to do without! Thankfully, The Ram stocked us up on bottled water and food before the snow and ice came, However, when we were without water, the supply that the Cooks sent us dwindled somewhat as I didn't want to dirty anymore dishes than absolutely necessary. Somehow I feel as if we are in a preparation time, and I am excited. God tells us not to worry, it's not worry I feel, but a since of adventure at what is ahead for us! Kinda like the feeling you get when you ride that huge roller coaster for the first time and you know you are almost to the top of a huge drop, you just can't see it till you get there. You know the feeling?

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