Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kodak Moments

The first "Kodak moment" was when I went for a walk the other day. The Boy had gotten a target for BB gun practice and hung it up. On the Hen Pen fence. He was shooting towards them. Obviously he didn't miss much as I saw no injured hens limping around.

The next was when a large package came from UPS. The lambs go kinda crazy when a package arrives. The UPS man knocks on the door, The Boy looks out the window and points down, as to where he put the box. Boy yells, "UPS!" A stompede is heard through the house and you see the UPS man go running for the safety of his truck. Our mail man is kinda funny also. The lambs usually race out to get the mail. Well, if he doesn't see them outside, he gives a little warning honk that he is approaching. The he sits backs and laughs as they pile out the door racing towards the mailbox. This time of year there is ice on the ground and they usually don't have on shoes. For some reason, the mailman thinks this is hilarious. I guess it is a little excitement in his day!

But the best in the past couple of days was what was actually in the UPS box. The outside packaging stated that it was from Hershey's and from Aunt Annie and Uncle Davey (as they call him). Well, of course, 10 pounds of Hershey's chocolate in the mail is cause for a celebration. You should have seen them, there were 8 different boxes of chocolate and everyone was all smiles. No, we usually don't wait to open packages around here.

Unless it is a box of Lamplighter Books from Granny. Some of us hid while the others opened the box to see which ones came this month. Some of us will read them in secret before Christmas and re-wrap them for the ones who want to wait for the 25th.

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