Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas

A package came from Grandpa and Grandma. Candy, cookie mix, candy canes, coloring books, crayons, gift cards, and most deliciously, Grandma's famously fabulous fruitcake cookies! There is alot of hoopla here today!

Mr. Rogers also sent a gift. We are thankful for all our gifts. Why do some bring tears to our eyes? Maybe they humble us. Maybe they make us reflect on the things most important in life, people and relationships. Maybe we realize how unworthy we are of the love and generosity others give.

My prayer is that you will reflect on the most important gift, God's Son, Jesus. How His birth, bloody death on the cross, and resurrection gives you the greatest gift imaginable, eternal life. How unworthy we are that the King of Kings, Almighty God, Sovereign Lord, loves us in all our filthy rags. I pray that you are humbled. As He gave His life for our ransom, can we give Him any less than our own life? It won't cost you much, just everything. It won't be painful, it will just kill you, as scripture tells us to die to self daily. I pray that the King will draw you closer to Him as you celebrate His first coming in flesh and anticipate His second coming. Are you ready?

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