Friday, May 23, 2008


Introducing The Boy to milking. I finally got her in the barn!
Max, great pyrenees, hoping he will fulfill his calling of Livestock Guardian Dog
Bob, sacrificial rooster. Bought because I want guineas, for tick control and serpent alert. Miciah like to eat chickens. We were anticipating him killing the roosters as we left them free in the pasture. Then, I could tie the rotting body around his neck. I know, morbid, but it is supposed to cure them from getting your chickens. We had Bob's sidekick Larry, but he was owl dinner one night. So lonely Bob got moved in with the 22 hens. Life is good for Bob.
Chester (as in chestnut brown) and Sucker (as in, boy he sucks that bottle hard).
Why? Well, as the youngest lamb tells them, "We gonna eat you!"
you already know who this is!


Moore Family said...

It looks like you guys have a lot of FUN AND WORK on that little farm of yours! Good for you!

Roehrman said...

Sweet photo of you and your girl! Where did you get your new dog?