Monday, May 19, 2008

Cow Games

She likes to play. All goes well while milking, as long as she has grain to munch on. After she runs out of grain, the games start.
  1. "How Many Times I Can Make You Jump When I Switch You In The Face With My Tail"
  2. "Let's See If I Can Rub On You Hard Enough To Knock You Down"
  3. "Let's See How Many Times I Can Go Potty"
  4. "Let's See If I Can Position My 800 Pound Body So You Will Be Kneeling, Squatting, or Sitting In The Results Of The Previous Game."
  5. Mind you, all these games are played simultaneouly with "Let's See How Many Times I Can Move Around and Make You Move That Bucket, Especially When You Just Get Comfortable."

I am not the only one reluctant to go back into the barn after the serpent sighting. Yes, milking would be easier in the stantion, but so far, I have not been able to push, pull, shove or bribe her back in there. At least rain isn't forecasted this week!

One of our favorite children's book illustrators is Steven Kellog. Apparantly, Belle has read some of his stuff. She has only kicked me twice. Once was in the pen when we first met. She was pretty upset at the time as she had been chased by dog, old man and 4-wheeler for close to an hour. Now here I was following her around the pen until she stood still and started rubbing on her. I probably would have kicked me too! The second time was last week when we were walking together to the milking station. I really think it was an accident and she was actually jumping for joy as Clorinda does:

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