Friday, May 30, 2008

Bike Riding and the Gospel

It was a beautiful spring day with blue skies and a light cool breeze blowing. A beautiful young maiden was out on the hills riding her bike. As with slopes, the downhill can be quite fast and with dirt roads, quite bumpy. She lost control and tumbled over the handlebars a few times. Getting up a little dazed, she started walking home. After an uphill climb hill, she realized that she had gone in the opposite direction of home. She was quite upset with herself on several fronts, the loss of control, the torn dress (a favorite), the bloody face, arms, and knee. Her younger sister saw her and raced to get help. When help arrived, Mary Magdalene was the image seen. A beautiful young woman, long hair blowing in the breeze, torn dress, blood and tears running down her face, arms, and legs and lostness in her eyes. The parent picked up the broken child, nursed her wounds and comforted her soul.

I share this with you as a parable of our lives. How often do we encounter trials and tribulations called hills? How often do we spin out of control as we fail to lean on our mighty God and put our trust in Him, depending on our own strength and wisdom? We try to put the pieces back together and realize we are bruised and bloody and have been going in the wrong direction as we have left God out. How the Father waits for us to turn to Him and how He nourishs us and heals us. We may have battle scars, but may they serve as reminders of God's grace and mercy to us.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me Rebecca is alright....Poor thing...hard lesson to learn.
Rebecca I Love You and hope your alright
Praying you are ok

Roehrman said...

You are a beautiful story teller. Your wounds are looking better Missy! It will not be long before they are a memory.