Monday, April 14, 2008

How Herbs Don't Work

The Neighbor graciously offered us straw and composted hay for our garden today. Needless to say, I was very excited and we spent some of the beautiful afternoon pitching compost. As we were walking through the cow pasture to the hay field, we were pointing out different plants and some uses for them. I pointed out mullein and said that it was good for the respiratory system. Here was a conversation that ensued in the field about 30 minutes later while we were working.

Child: There is something up my nose.
Mom: It's your finger.
Child: No, something else.
Mom: Is a booger?
Child: No.
Mom: Is it alive?
Child: No, it's scratchy.
Mom (after peering into the orifice and not seeing anything unusual): Well, blow out.
Child inevitably sucks in instead of blowing.
Mom: No, blow out.
Child sucks in again, and again, and again.
Mom: It will come out eventually.
Child sneezes, nothing.
Child sneezes again, this time a 1 inch square of green plant material (can you say mullein?) zooms out of nose.
Mom: Did you put that up your nose?
Child: Yeah.
Mom (trying to suppress laughter): Well, don't do that again, that's not how it works.
Child: Okay.

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Roehrman said...

That is to Funny! ( What a nice kind mother you are not to tell us which kid it was that stuck mullein up their nose!)