Friday, April 25, 2008


My Mother's Day present came early this year (actually I wasn't expecting one at all as there is really nothing I NEED, but I was hoping for a dishwasher!). EVEN BETTER: A 18 month old Brown Swiss - Jersey cow. She is fabulous, especially considering this is her first time to be milked. Right now she is still giving colostrum as she 5 days fresh, but we are hoping for that milk soon! We (especially me!) are so excited: milk, cream, cheese, yougart, ice cream. Yeehaw!

Both types of lettuce we planted are on Monday are sprouting. We had so much fun with the meat chickens, we bought 20 more on Wednesday. I think we have a farm going here. I mentioned that to one of the lambs the other day who replied that we did not live on a farm. Ok, what more do you need? We have chickens (meat and egg), garden, cow, and we are in the country (with an long list of chores and things to do!). Lamb wasn't sure, but will get back to me.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Moore Family said...

What a pretty cow! Yes, I said pretty. If we all only had such lovely eyes!! LOL!