Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Puritan Family Renewal

"We need a reformation of biblical family life, and there will be no reformation without setting the doctrinal foundation and having the courage for a radical turning." This conference in North Carolina is designed to help us make progress in turning to a biblical vision for family life.

Scott Brown director of the NCFIC is hosting it in May.Here is Scott’s description of the conference:

“On May 9-10 we are having a really unusual conference for the reformation of family life. It is called, “A Puritan Family Reformation,” which seeks to document the biblical doctrine of the family as the Puritans understood it and to put it into practice in our times. It will be a very practical conference for the reforming of marriage, child raising and the relationship between the family and the church.”

God’s word tells us in Malachi 4 that Reformation is preceded by a renewal of interest by fathers in their children’s hearts. The reformers knew the importance of family worship for the spiritual health of a nation. This is why they wrote their “Directory of Family Worship” as part of the Westminster Standards.

I believe we are truly living in a generation that has arisen and does not know the Lord or the things he has done for his people, in the past, much less the ways in which our spiritual fathers sought to honor God and train their children serve him in fear.

From the conference website:
When the protestant reformation swept Europe, everything changed. The doctrine of the sufficiency of scripture, which lay at the root of the reformation, caused transformations in every area of life. Not only was there a return to the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone, but the biblical doctrine of the family was also recovered. There was a profound reformation of family life during the protestant reformation. Then the successors of the reformers, the puritans, took the foundation that was laid and built upon it. They expanded on their predecessors’ understanding of family life. They put doctrine into practice in church and home. And, they published many powerful treatises on the biblical doctrine of the family. Family life was reforming according to scripture. But something tragic happened. Many forces rose up to wage war against the family and instead of standing on the shoulders of the puritans and building further, the next generation fell to the ground, and the biblical doctrine of the family was largely lost…

This conference seeks to change that.
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Hope they have conference cds available afterwards!

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